Transition to school

The Transition to school programme encourages children to work with a group where reciprocal relationships are formed between them and the teachers, they develop skills to question, research, investigate and to develop their own theories.

Whilst our young children are sleeping, opportunities are offered for others to take part in either the Super Sharks or Busy Bees groups.

Many in depth projects are undertaken at this time. A collaborative approach such as this nurtures each child's potential as a confident and competent learner. As children are extremely expressive and have an enormous capacity for sharing feelings and emotions, we place emphasis on the expressive arts through which we acknowledge their imagination, which plays a major role in their search for knowledge and understanding.

Our role is to watch them closely, listen to them carefully, and give value to their ideas. In doing so we can gain an understanding of their needs, development and interests that will unlock their potential and empower them to learn and grow.