Our philosophy

We are a team of educators who are enthusiastic about providing a quality early childhood programme.

Our focus is on the facilitation of the empowerment of children to grow in knowledge and understanding, where they thrive in an unhurried environment, playing and learning in a meaningful way.

Our rich fun filled, nature inspired Centre enables them and us to discover the magic of our wonderful world. To extend, develop and ignite passions and interests which is the core of a child-centred curriculum.

Each Teacher brings diverse and unique qualities to the Centre, which are recognised and encouraged by us all. As a result we are a cohesive team, creative and innovative in our approach to Education.

The staff meet regularly and reflect on practice and values using a self review system that identifies and supports individual professional development and training.

Family and Whanau connections are integral to children's overall wellbeing. Therefore we are committed to developing relationships with them by ensuring we are open to the information they share with us about their children and family lives. Each child and their family are special, bringing to the centre cultural values and beliefs that are nurtured.

It is important that the rights of the Family and Whanau to be informed and involved in their child's holistic development are acknowledged. This partnership is achieved by offering a consultation process that ensures they are included in setting goals, offering regular feedback and being involved in their child's programme.

Meeting informally with parents enables us to discuss children's portfolios, celebrate their progress and assist in developing further learning objectives that will be meaningful when projected into the wider world.

"He Whare Maioha" (A place of welcome and caring).