Making children’s learning visible

Because we attach importance to children's creativity and their 'voice', it is essential that their work is documented and displayed in an attractive way that encapsulates their learning and development.

We achieve this in the following ways.


These beautifully presented books provide us with a window from which we can view children's play, development and learning experiences. These are springboards for discussions, revisiting skills, recording their expanding interests, celebrating achievements and setting new goals. As collaborative documentation they provide a link between the centre and home with families making contributions.

Wall Displays:

Our artwork and projects are presented along with extensive photos, and documentation outlining the teaching and learning that is taking place. Families are encouraged to read these displays and become involved in our programme.

Daily Reflections:

Photos are displayed each day through a digital photo frame. This enables families to view a snapshot of their child’s day and often allows for conversations to emerge with children on the way home.

Planning Books:

These are a selection of learning stories, photos, documentation and communication from families keeping evidence of our work and showing our continuum of learning.


These are regularly sent off to parents in our Super Sharks and Busy Bees groups informing families of their latest projects and areas of interest. Other emails are sent at regular intervals with newsletters attached. This offers another opportunity to receive feedback from home.